Facilitating Effective and Goal-Oriented Coaching Sessions

Colleen Wellness aims to enhance every woman and mother’s quality of life. That is why I started my in-person and virtual training and coaching classes. My programs take you from where you are to where you have always wanted to be. I help you to get out of your own way while we break down the excuses together.

Compassionate Life Coaching

You can rely on me for guidance toward success. Committed to attaining your goals, I will listen to and understand your current situation. We will break your objectives down into smaller manageable steps for a clear, actionable path forward.

Effective Personal Training

At Colleen Wellness, I will work closely with you in looking at your physical goals, whether it is losing weight, recovering from an injury, or strength training. We will take feasible steps for you to build and become the healthier person you envisioned.

Group Fitness and Strong Mamas

If you need the social aspect to drive you to your aspirations, turn to my programs. I offer group fitness sessions that can empower and lead you to a happier life. Contact me to learn how we can easily tailor these small groups for you and your friends!

Happiness Coaching

Colleen Wellness can help you lift that grey gloom and haze that you are feeling. I can assist you to set goals that will clear out the things that are preventing you from feeling happy and enjoying your life.

My happiness coaching isn’t about painting a rosy picture of life and ignoring the obstacles. It is about embracing what life has to offer, changing whatever isn’t allowing us to live authentically, getting rid of negative thoughts, and savoring the good in our lives.

Got Questions? Talk to Me!

Tired of dealing with your personal struggles alone? Worry no more. Get help from my life, health, and happiness coaching sessions. Contact me today for more information. I’d love to hear from you soon.