An Experienced Health Coach You Can Trust

My name is Colleen Jednak, the person behind Colleen Wellness. I value the well-being of moms and women, which is why I decided to run in-person and virtual coaching sessions that help improve their life, health, and happiness.

Join My Virtual and In-Person Sessions

At Colleen Wellness, I facilitate online classes via Zoom that are open to individuals and groups across the country. I also conduct face-to-face sessions within Tolland County, Connecticut. My programs are focused on mothers, grandmothers, and Strong Mamas of all ages.


I Use a Holistic and Client-Focused Approach

Since 2002, I have run my wellness and fitness business, providing personal training, life coaching, and wellness seminars for men, women, and teens. My volunteer and professional experiences focus on making the world a better place.

Through undaunted optimism and charisma, I have built multiple programs and businesses that increase health, hope, and joy. My holistic approach covers nutrition, exercise, and happiness coaching to help each person reach their best and healthiest life.

Learn More About What I Do

Browse through my website for more information about how my services can help you reach optimal wellness.