On Becoming…

When I was a little girl…like many young children…I would daydream about what it would be like to become a grownup. In my mind, this would follow a logical sequence of becoming a teenager, a high school student, a college student, and then an adult. Each of these blocks seemed as if it would be completed in a time module, after which one graduates to the next segment of life.

In some ways, this is the way that life progresses. I did certainly go through high school and college…I added graduate school, too…and then “adulthood.” But in my child-mind, this last phase was just one long time block.

I didn’t know…and I am glad that I didn’t realize…that adulthood is more of a windy path upon which you may “become” and recreate yourself many times, if you are lucky! I have been employee, mom, wife, single mom, entrepreneur, wellness advocate, empty nester (for about a minute…and then the pandemic returned one of the chicks for a while), and new wife once more.

So, now I am “becoming” again. It is exciting and sometimes disconcerting. Can I recreate myself again? I hope so…

In the past few months, I have gotten married to the love of my life. I have changed my name (my choice). I have changed my email address to match that new name…this was way more time consuming and complicated than I would have thought. Do you know how many usernames and passwords that involves?? LOL. All worth it in the end, but really… And I moved two hours away to spend more time with my new husband.

Aside from updating my address and email address and new name on everything, what does that mean for the business that I have loved and grown for 20 years? For the most part, it is holding its own in our new virtual world. For anyone that could not meet virtually or prefers in person as the world re-opens, I am helping them to find the right in person match….and I will be back to visit and hold in person sessions when I am in town!!

In the meantime, I am taking time to get to know my new power walk neighborhoods. I am adding an additional certification…Happiness Coaching!! I’m figuring out how to make friends without having children in the school system. I am working out how I want to structure my business going forward. Life coaching has always been virtual and will continue to be so. Personal training for the past two years has been virtual, and I am no longer restricted by geographical location with clients up and down the east coast. I am working on some nutritional and weight loss certifications and look forward to hosting webinars and classes to continue to promote holistic wellness.

There are some little bumps along the way…I don’t know where anything is here! So I google everything and use GPS wherever I go. They have coffee and manicures here, so I think I will be ok.

The most exciting part of all of this is realizing that I have received from the universe everything that I have been manifesting…true love, time to restructure and build my wellness business, a new adventure of exploring a new area of the country, and the confidence to know that I can indeed move forward, “becoming” the very best version of myself.

Are you ready to watch me glitter, stumble, get up, laugh, become, stumble again, and reach for the stars? I am! Stay tuned!!