Wanting What You Already Have Can Lead to Better Health

I was cleaning out some boxes and drawers this weekend, and I came across this card that one of my sons had given me for my birthday a few years ago. It was so sweet that I thought I would post it here.

“Today is my mom’s birthday. I hope she likes this because I love her a lot. My mom is the most understanding and supportive person I know in this lifetime. Whenever I am down, she understands because she remembers she once did the same thing. She then, to cheer me up, shows me all the good things happening. In my opinion, my mom is the most supportive person I know because I will come home with a so-so grade, and she will go over it and show me the right way. Also if I come home with a great grade, she congratulates me. In general, next to me, my mom is the most athletic person in my family. She works out every day and used to play field hockey and rugby. She also ran track. She is my biggest role model because she works hard to put food on the table but she can always find time for fun. Happy Birthday Mom!”

The sweetness takes my breath away. I adore my three boys around the world and back. We may not have every material thing that we want, but I want this life we have and the love we have with every cell in my body. Noticing the richness in your life measured in connections and laughter can keep you living in the present and optimistic about the future, no matter what happens in your external life. When you are happy and centered and grounded in the most important factors of your life, you are more likely to eat well, exercise regularly, laugh heartily, and take better care of yourself and those around you. Take a moment. Drink in the love in your life, in the sweetness of yes, even teenagers who can write things like this card, and live your very best life starting now. What can you do for your health today? Make your annual physical? Go for a walk? Hug someone in your family? Shop along the perimeter of the grocery store where the healthier food is? Whatever step you can take today, do so. And look at your life through clearer lenses. Realize you already have what you truly desire..and worry less about having or getting what you want. What you need…what will really nourish your life…is probably already right there. Have a wonderful and healthy day!!!


Colleen Walsh