Clutter-Free Kitchen Changes the Whole House and then Your Whole Life

I love having my clients over to my house to show them what a “Fit Family” kitchen can look like! They are amazed at how clutter free it is…and it doesn’t look like there is a lot of food there, yet I’m able to feed my 3 teen boys every day!

As Peter Walsh, of Oprah’s OWN Network, has said, a clutter free environment is much better for the body, mind, and soul. We at Strong Mamas completely agree. If your kitchen is neat and orderly and you don’t have bills and homework and “stuff” all over the place, you can think more clearly and make better decisions. Since the decisions that you make in the kitchen fuel the whole family, it is worth the time to clean it up once and then keep it orderly!!

In my refrigerator, you will find yogurt, milk, water, eggs, egg whites, The Baker Bread (no high fructose corn syrup), nuts from Trader Joes and Mrs. Greens, fish and meat, lettuce, and apples. In the cabinets you will see oatmeal (whole rolled oats), spices, brown rice, whole wheat pasta. The freezer holds frozen veggies and meat/fish.

Once a week I bake for the boys. Instead of using white flour (we don’t have that in the house), I grind up oatmeal in the blender and use this instead. The recipes still taste delicious and no one complains. I absolutely let the boys have special treats once in a while…but I want those treats to taste amazing. A box of Chips Ahoy doesn’t taste like anything so you eat the whole thing without feeling satisfied. If I make brownies using oatmeal instead of flour and use real chocolate and serve them warm, THAT is what a treat should taste like…something wonderful. The boys have one or two and then they are completely satisfied and their friends are always impressed by how good it tastes! Have your treats really be a treat so that the rest of the time you can eat apples and carrots and almonds Really…it works!! Your energy will skyrocket and your stomach will flatten out if you truly avoid processed food 90% of the time.

What works for you in keeping your kitchen a “fit kitchen?” What are you thinking about trying?