Welcome to Wellness Now!

What is The Wellness Now Blog? Well, it will encompass all things to bring you balance, health, laughter, and success while you work and raise a family without having a nervous breakdown. We talk about how to keep it all together and move forward…how to be balanced and sane and funny and creative and fit and healthy and have enough energy to smile and enjoy the ride! So, nothing too ambitious to start with!

Anything you want addressed? Let us know at cw@wellnessnow.guru. Life is complicated and complex and messy and wonderful and rich…and sometimes it can seem like a full-time job to keep it all straight. That’s what we are here for…to bring ideas and plans that have been tried in the trenches of the family home for healthy families, strong parents, fit kids, and we really love to laugh and have fun along the way.

Nothing moves as fast as the speed of family life, and I know that I for one do NOT want to turn around and realize that it passed me by and that I did it well but forgot to enjoy it and laugh. I won’t be the person looking back and saying at the end of my life that my house was really tidy and I had a perfect BMI BUT my kids were stressed and we didn’t enjoy the ride. I think that on most days you CAN have it all…or you can have most of it most of the time, and that each facet of life can help other facets to be better and better in a positive spiral upwards…and that it doesn’t have to be the other way around.

So…the goal? Let’s start at the beginning and build a life and a world for ourselves and our families that is healthy, nurturing, and balanced…in which we laugh frequently. Did you know that most children laugh 350 times a day and most adults laugh 27 times a day??? That is a horrible ratio. If I make a mistake, I laugh, learn, fix it, and move on.

The Balanced Life is an affiliate of Strong Mamas/Fit Families and together it is our mission to bring health, happiness, success, and growth to you at work, home, and anyplace you happen to be on your journey.
Where is the beginning? Let’s start with our bodies. Our bodies are the vehicles through which we love, work, clean, sleep, dance…everything. So, since we cannot live without our bodies, let’s start by taking really good care of them. Check out the ideas in our Nutrition Corner and food forums and put the very best fuel (aka food) into your refrigerators and selves. Our bodies were designed back in the days of hunting and foraging and are meant to be moved every day. Let’s give them what they were designed to do!! Start with walking…even just a few minutes a day. In the Strong Mamas/Fit Families DVD, there are workouts ranging in time frame from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. Try one…whatever you have time for. Move your body today!! And do so without any negative self-talk!! Can you seem me smiling here? I’m so excited as I think of all we will share together!

Start today…share some ideas and fears and successes here. Come back frequently. Eat food that you can recognize as something that came from the earth. Move your body. Smile at someone. I’m pretty sure they will smile back, and that feels great!

Are your ready to design and live your very best life ever???!!! I am, and I’m so thrilled to be sharing the ride with you!