Health, Hope, and Happiness

Helping You Achieve Your Dreams Through Health Coaching

Health, Hope, and Happiness

Helping You Achieve Your Dreams Through Health Coaching

Promoting Wellness for Women and Mothers Since 2002

Reach your aspirations by joining me, Colleen Jednak, in my life coaching and happiness training at Colleen Wellness. I conduct in-person sessions with mothers, middle-aged women, and women in their 70s in Tolland County, Connecticut. My online programs are also available nationwide.

Guiding You Toward Your Goals

My primary focus is on helping you achieve your dreams so that you can have the life that you want. I can assist you in breaking down your big objectives into more manageable goals that will eventually lead you toward success without feeling overwhelmed.

Colleen Wellness started with a program catering to moms with new babies and small children before growing into this niche, expanding into empty nesters and middle-aged marvels.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

At Colleen Wellness, my clients don’t expect to laugh, but they do. Since beginning this venture in 2002, I have always promoted the idea that laughter is always the best medicine in my group or personal training and life and happiness coaching sessions.

My holistic approach includes nutrition, exercise, and happiness coaching to help each person achieve their best and healthiest life. As a personal trainer, I do small groups either over Zoom or in-person if it is geographically feasible.

Touching People’s Lives Through My Programs

With my rich experience and very optimistic outlook, I continue to touch people’s lives. I have not met a person that I have not been able to encourage to be their best self.

My eagerness makes my clients more enthusiastic about the outcome of their physical and emotional well-being. I’d love to see you join my classes. Contact me now for more details about my programs.